Detoxify your body with Honey Massage

An effective detoxifying Honey massage from Be In Balance 

The benefit of this massage is the combination of touching therapy, targeted blood supply and the excellent effects of honey, as well as the body's detoxification directly through the skin.

For the massage at Be In Balance, we use the best acacia honey because of its higher water content, possibly the rapeseed. Forest meadow has a stronger composition and is much denser. 

Honey is applied to the back of the affected person so that the healing effect is exhumed, and the blood is circulated directly through the skin.


In the second step, "pumping" or "extracting" toxic substances and deposits from the depths of the skin, almost from the joints, with special movements. Places where a whitish chewing gum is created in the short term was the most polluted. This method clears the internal organs as well.

This therapy is most effective when it lasts for one hour and three 20 minutes massage, with short breaks to relax the client and masseuse. The movement of the masseur's hands reminds you of stitching your skin from the skin so you can imagine this effect. After massage, the client can experience such effects and conditions as after detoxification. Therefore, it is very important to inject many fluids. A healthy person, this massage, may take part once a month, in case of acute problems, at least 2 times a week for a month or 1 time a week for two months. After a good pause, the cure can be repeated instantly or supplemented with lava stones or sauna.

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