Kinesio Taping London


Stop the pain! The latest must-have treatment for injuries

Kinesio Taping provides structural support for joints and muscles

Kinesiology tape is a 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, latex free, non-restrictive elastic adhesive tape designed to have the same amount of stretch as human skin and provides a multitude of uses as a protective and rehabilitative taping technique.

Applied over muscles, the main benefits are to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, relax and support over-used/tired/injured muscles, provide

structural support to joints and muscle movement, assist healing and provide support to the injury site whilst allowing full range of movement. The taping methods can be preventative or rehabilitative to allow athletes to continue training and competing as injuries heal.


Kinesiology taping is designed to assist and improve the body’s natural healing process and has a number of methods of application and benefits of use, it is proposed to improve the localised effect of fluid circulation (blood and lymph),  decrease pain, provide anatomical support, enhance muscular and joint range of motion assist proprioception.

 ✓ Injured muscles            ✓ Joints problem              ✓ Muscular Pain     

 ✓ Stress                ✓ Poor blood circulations                    ✓ Detox