about SPA detoxifying machine

January 25, 2018


About poisons, acids, and slags in general


According to the WHO (World Health Organization) research, 70% of people are in a state of affairs.

There is a transition between health and disease. He's not sick yet, but he has the tendency to develop the disease. Overload and stress have clearly created modern illnesses. One quarter of the population has high blood pressure, 15 million people are given a stroke every year, 14 million have malignant tumours and more than 300 million diabetics. This information is thought-provoking. In the following, you will briefly learn about the negative functioning of our body, which, among other things, will develop these diseases and the device that helps the body's detoxification, thereby improving our health and well-being. The basic chemical regulation of our organization is determined by the interaction of acids and alkalis. They are the result of an alternating rhythm of the human body.


Man is basic organism because it has a pH of 7.35. This metric tells you about the state of the acid-base household. An important function of the acid-base household is the filtering and secretion of contaminants from the blood. Acidification occurs when acids are crystallized in blood vessels, muscles, joints, connective tissue and fat tissues, and lymphatic vessels. Accidental, decayed cells become stiff. Stubborn red blood cells lose their plasticity, so the blood will be less fluid. As a consequence, blood supply disturbances occur, as red blood cells no longer penetrate the fine capillaries. Besides, they can not even get enough oxygen. Accidental blood tries to transport the acids to peripherals as short as possible, where the least are in the path of circulation. Acids are introduced into our body in different ways. Stress, noise, annoyance, fear and frustration lead to a hydrogen peroxide reaction. That is why people in the nervous system suffer from gastric acid abnormalities that can lead to gastric and even ulceration. Joggers, athletes, and fitness men are overwhelmed by