about SPA detoxifying machine

About poisons, acids, and slags in general

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) research, 70% of people are in a state of affairs.

There is a transition between health and disease. He's not sick yet, but he has the tendency to develop the disease. Overload and stress have clearly created modern illnesses. One quarter of the population has high blood pressure, 15 million people are given a stroke every year, 14 million have malignant tumours and more than 300 million diabetics. This information is thought-provoking. In the following, you will briefly learn about the negative functioning of our body, which, among other things, will develop these diseases and the device that helps the body's detoxification, thereby improving our health and well-being. The basic chemical regulation of our organization is determined by the interaction of acids and alkalis. They are the result of an alternating rhythm of the human body.

Man is basic organism because it has a pH of 7.35. This metric tells you about the state of the acid-base household. An important function of the acid-base household is the filtering and secretion of contaminants from the blood. Acidification occurs when acids are crystallized in blood vessels, muscles, joints, connective tissue and fat tissues, and lymphatic vessels. Accidental, decayed cells become stiff. Stubborn red blood cells lose their plasticity, so the blood will be less fluid. As a consequence, blood supply disturbances occur, as red blood cells no longer penetrate the fine capillaries. Besides, they can not even get enough oxygen. Accidental blood tries to transport the acids to peripherals as short as possible, where the least are in the path of circulation. Acids are introduced into our body in different ways. Stress, noise, annoyance, fear and frustration lead to a hydrogen peroxide reaction. That is why people in the nervous system suffer from gastric acid abnormalities that can lead to gastric and even ulceration. Joggers, athletes, and fitness men are overwhelmed by lactic acid - this is a result of physical exertion, excessive muscle work. When processing sweets, acetic acid develops in our body. Black tea and coffee bring tannic acid and hydrochloric acid into our bodies. Smoker's nicotine is inhaled, and in the retained winds there is sulphur-hydrogen which, when reacted with body fluid, forms sulfuric acid. Meat and most cheeses offer "sulfuric and nitric acid" to us. Sulfuric acid softens the disc, which should be hard. Sulfuric acid is responsible for most of the disks. The sulfuric and nitric acid compounds still loose gold. With various medicines, painkillers while acetyl salicylic acid is swallowed. All our acids seek to neutralize the acids as quickly as possible to prevent them from attacking the cells, tissues, organs, glands and damaging their function. Mineral acids are needed for the acidification of the acid, which is often created by the body, which is often deprived of its own reserves, so it is required to form salts of organic and inorganic acids so that they do not stick to it or poison it. These will be waste products. The slag is therefore nothing more than indifferent then deposited acid and poison. With this in mind, you can understand why you are getting more and more emphasized today detoxification.

Mechanism of operation

Like many other detoxification methods, this device also use the water as a healing medium its power. This apparatus is best suited to a foot bath, that an ionizer is placed in the water filled vessel, producing a low current. Electrolysis begins with the DC current and our slags are diffused through 2000 pores of our body. This is a pleasant, slightly tingling feeling process.

At the beginning of the treatment, the water is clear and transparent. How the process begins the water becomes light yellow and then depending on it how much the body of the treated patient is burdened with slags, it becomes darker, whether rusty, it may be almost black. At the end of the treatment, the water may contain sludge-like, small particles, even unpleasant odours may be. As the treatments progress, the water becomes clearer, showing the slag load reduction. Detoxification is not only the level of harmful bodybuilding substances decreases, but increases blood glucose, cholesterol, uric acid and abnormally high blood sugar levels its moderation was also observed. Of course, this treatment alone is not enough to set up a diagnostic or disease healing, it only helps the body to regain its optimal balance, bio-energy field and stimulates the body, thus strengthening its self-healing, self-healing function. The organs of the body naturally work better if their electromagnetic field is up right. The ion-energy foot bath will help you feel young again.

Beneficial effects of treatment:

Impaired joint musculoskeletal and articular pain from joint inflammation. Patients also report a significant decrease in locomotor pains from 6 to 8 treatments after removing harmful substances that keep chronic inflammation, improving muscles, blood circulation of joints.

Sleep disturbances, stress-induced fatigue, considerably improve the feeling of well-being, the body is filled with energy as the poison is gone.

In cardiovascular diseases, it decreases the leading role in the development of atherosclerosis cholesterol and blood lipids, and the elastic vessels do not burden the heart, thus reducing blood pressure.

The viscosity of the blood improves, that is, the red blood cells do not collapse into smaller or larger knots, the microcirculation is improved, the risk of cerebral blood flow disruption decreases.

For similar reasons, allergic symptoms are often improved.

In patients with chronic kidney and liver problems, treatment supports these the organs that play an important role in detoxification.

  • Black - liver area

  • Black grains - heavy metals

  • Brown - toxins of liver, cell slag, smoking

  • Dark green - toxins leaving the gallbladder

  • Orange - joints

  • Red grains - blood clots

  • White cheese-like - probably fungal infection

  • White frothy - lymphatic system

  • Greenish yellow - kidney, bladder, urogenital organs, gynaecological areas, prostate

Bamboo Infusion Belt

The device has an infusion infrared belt which can be used separately, but together with the use of detoxification therapy, the detoxification has higher efficiency.

The bamboo infrared belt generally

According to recent studies, bamboo charcoal from five-year-old bamboo is big refined with a high absorption ability to clean air or water and humidity control. Bamboo charcoal is infrared rays and negative ions also emits and absorbs electromagnetic waves. Bamboo charcoal waist belt warms the body, reduces muscle pain, increases cell activity and accelerates the circulation.

Bamboo Infusion Belt:

  • Reduces stiffness of the joints

  • Reduces muscle spasms

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Relieves the pain

  • Helps the healing of soft tissue injuries

  • Increases skin elasticity

  • Helps to treat inflammation, oedema and sweating

Effects of Infrared Therapy:

Infrared therapy is not only light, but thermal therapy, based on the following principles helps keep your health safe:

It stimulates microcirculation by exerting strong rotational and vibrational effects at molecular level, which is biologically very beneficial.

Increases oxygen and nutrient supply in the blood cells to the body's tissues.

Helps in the function of white blood cells, thereby enhancing immune reactions and pathogens and the removal of by-products of cellular activity.

Increases lymphatic circulation by removing accumulation of toxins that are often in the background of health problems. Accumulation of toxins inhibits the normal circulation in the body and reduces cellular energy. When the infrared waves are used, the water molecules that contain the toxins they heat up and shake. This vibration reduces the atoms of ionic binding of water molecules. As water molecules disintegrate, the gases and other toxins in them escape and the body is renewed.

Accelerates regeneration and healing.

It stimulates metabolism between blood and tissues.

Stimulate the hypothalamus, which directs the production of neuronal chemicals which are involved in biological processes such as sleep, mood changes, pain sensation and blood pressure.

Through the above mechanisms, infrared therapy is provided with therapeutic accessories it can be infrared for the body at any time during the day and until it is up to you only the user wants. When using low-dose infrared energy, no the risk of incineration of bodily cells.

Areas of application of infrared therapy

The use of infrared therapy has a beneficial effect on the following symptoms:

  • Arthritis

  • Muscle pain and convulsion

  • Shoulder or joint stiffness

  • Raynaud syndrome

In addition, therapy helps the weight loss process, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the immune system and improves overall health. Infrared therapy is holistic following the principle of healing. It not only treats symptoms but also supports the functioning of the entire body, the symptom is then treated naturally.


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